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Audio Analogue unofficial WWW page

These pages have been created with the intention of helping all interested people to have a better technical understanding of Audio Analogue's following products:

Puccini integrated amplifier    

Puccini Remote (up to v4.3)
The NEW Puccini Remote (v5.0)

Bellini preamplifier   

Donizetti power amplifier   

Paganini CD player   

I will explain in detail the diagrams of all these products, how they work, how to modify them for better results, and so on.

I will show Further projects that are never born.

It is my goal to create a web space where it is possible to find references about audio amplification problems and the design of electronics.
Just for a beginning, have a look at the Library and Link pages.

These pages are created by Federico Paoletti, co-designer of all of the above Audio Analogue products.
I'm no longer involved in Audio Analogue and I'm the only person responsible for all of this material.
Neither Audio Analogue, or the people that are hosting these pages are responsible for the contents.

People have asked me where to find a poscript reader; I use GSviews, here is the link:

Who is Gort, and why "klaatu barada nikto" ?


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