Puccini Special Edition

Until the beginning we know that the normal Puccini was no able to drive difficult loads, due to the "single" power output devices and the little toroidal 150VA transformer. But we wanted to have an "entry-level" product, so we designed the amplifier with a special version in mind: the Puccini S.E.
The main differences are: the double of output devices (four darlington on each channel), and two toroidal transformers, 150VA each one, in order to have a complete separation between channels when there is a high current request.
There are some minor differences, in the diagram and in the aesthetic.
First of all, It's now time to download the zipped poscript (57KB) file of the complete Puccini Special Edition.
(the PCB layout is not present here, being the same as the standard Puccini version).
The minor electric differences are:
The minor aesthetic differences are:
It's interesting to compare the output power capability of the Puccini standard vs Puccini Special Edition
There is a "brute force" increase of power (data are for continue RMS signals, both channels driven) for low impedance loads (<4ohm).
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