Here we are (and don't say I've not advised you :-)

Currently I'm a technician involved in a project named : this is a French/Italian gravitational waves interferometric project, and you can find some info here.

My working interest is in electronic (suspension controls, low noise amplification and detection, active damping, etc.) and in EMC related problems.

I have other personal interest in the vacuum tube field, in the amplification and reproduction of music, in playing and listening classic music.

I'm a HAM radio (IZ5EBO), so I have some knowledge in radiofrequency too.

You can see who am I giving a look at and scrolling down to my name,
or going to the
Elettronica Flash cafe'
a nice review where sometime I wrote articles.



Well, here coming you can't avoid to take a look at these two guys:

Giacomo and Matteo

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